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Easy Weight Loss Diets Video Tip: Breakfast

November 30, 2010

Hi, Christian Walker here, I hope you have enjoyed this easy weight loss diets tip for breakfast. Remember it is essential to get your 8 glasses of water each day along with a healthy breakfast.

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Rapid Weight Loss With Strip That Fat

November 30, 2010

Rapid weight loss can be unhealthy if you keep it up too long. It can result in reduced metabolic activity and loss of lean muscle tissue but for short periods of time it works great.

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Twinkies, Oreos, And Doritos To Lose 27 Pounds

November 9, 2010

Mark Haub, Professor at Kansas State University wanted to make a point. Ifyou eat fewer calories than you use each day you will lose weight. The professor decided to make his point by reducing his calorie intake from 2,600 calories a day to 1,800 calories a day and he lost 27 pounds in 2 months. […]

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A Flat Stomach And Food

November 8, 2010

You got to eat right or you just aren’t ever going to get that flat stomach.

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How To Find Easy Weight Loss Plans

November 2, 2010

Man I hate dieting, but unfortunately I also love eating—sigh This means that there are times when I need to lose weight. I because of this I have become quite an expert on losing weight. Not so good at keeping it off but I am getting better at that even as I write this.

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Strip That Fat An Easy Quick Weight Loss Diet

November 1, 2010

I ran across Strip That Fat when researching best easy weight loss diets.  I was looking for diets built on health and nutrition principles, had built-in breaks from dieting, had a rapid weight loss phase to them and didn’t cost a lot of money. What Is This Easy Quick Weight Loss Diet? In a nutshell, […]

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