A Different Look At A Diet Plateau


Is A Diet Plateau Really Caused By Starvation Mode?

The Answer To A Diet Plateau My Surprise You!

Anyone who has been on a reducing diet has experienced the dreaded diet plateau. You are cruising along losing unwanted fat and suddenly you stop losing fat and no matter how faithfully you follow the weight loss plan your weight remains the same. Day after day you are stuck at the same weight and you soon are ready to give up.

The conventional wisdom is that these discouraging diet plateaus are caused my our bodies natural defenses against starvation. Your body regards your reduced calorie meal plan that you are using to lose weight as the onset of starvation so it reduces the amount of calories it is burning, This adjustment balances the calories your are consuming with the calories you are burning and you stop losing weight.

It is true that from a scientific view-point, your calorie in take is balanced with your calorie out put and that is why you Diet Plateau. But what if there are other reasons for a Diet Plateau besides this one?

Once you start on a reduced calorie diet, your body begins burning the fat stored in your fat cells. One of the more interesting aspects of stored fat is that it stores not only the fat but any substance that is in the fat. So if toxins are in your fat at the time it was stored, when it is released and used for fuel for your body you will feel the effects of the toxins.

One theory about the cause of A diet plateau is that as your body starts accessing its stored fat during a reduced calorie diet it releases the toxins stored in the fat and this interferes with the body’s ability to burn calories efficiently and it can cause other side effects such as headache and flu like symptoms.

According to this theory it is not just a reduction in calories that you need to lose weight, but you also need to eat the right kinds of Diet Plateau busting foods. Foods that detoxify your body. Most leafy dark green vegetables will do this. Besides these detoxifying veggies there are certain foods you should avoid as a main staple of your diet. It is not that you can never eat them again, it is just that they should be reserved for special occasions.

Diet Plateau Busting Foods

1. Fruits


The juice in fruit helps wash away toxins. Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals  from your body and fiber helps cleanse your colon

2. Green Foods


Blue green algae, barley, wheatgrass, kale, spinach, spirulina, alfalfa, chard, arugula or other organic leafy greens are loaded with chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll cleanses your system from toxins from smog, heavy metals, herbicides, cleaning products and pesticides. Chlorophyll also cleanse up your colon.

3. Lemons, Oranges & Limes


These fruits really clean your liver.  Start each morning with a cocktail of citrus juice.

The vitamin C in these fruits turns many toxins into digestible substances.


4. Garlic


Eating Garlic cloves causes the liver to produce toxin filtering enzymes.

5. Broccoli Sprouts


First of all Broccoli is filled with antioxidants but Broccoli also packs a punch in your digestive system by producing detoxifying enzymes.  It turns out that the sprouts are better at doing this than the full grown plant.

6. Green Tea


Besides the antioxidants, green tea washes toxins from your system and provides a special antioxidant called catechins that really boosts liver function.

7. Mung Beans


This bean absorbs toxins from the sides of your intestines.  A great way to detoxify.

8. Raw Vegetables


Onions, carrots, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, garlic, beet, turmeric, and oregano. These veggies purge toxins from your systen and they contain sulphur a known detox agent for harmful chemicals.

9. Seeds & Nuts


Flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, Siberian cedar nuts and sunflower seeds all help your body detoxify. While detoxing, avoid nut butters.


10. Omega-3 Oils


Hemp, avocado, olive oils or flax seed oil lubricate the intestinal walls and trap toxins for elimination.

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