Easy Weight Loss Tip: Cold Water Sheds Weight


How Can Cold Water Be An Easy Weight Loss Tip?

This Easy Weight Loss Tip May Surprise You!

Easy Weight Loss TipWell I caught your eye with that headline.  Now before you think I am going to give you a magic formula to lose weight with cold showers, let me disavow you of the notion, although it technically would work.  But for this easy weight loss tip I am talking about drinking it; not bathing in it.

What are calories?
This easy weight loss tip relies on the knowledge of just what a calorie is.  Contrary to the belief that it is a food group, calories are actually a scientific unit of measurement.  Scientists in their rush to simplify and standardize everything came up with the metric system of measurement.  Easy for scientists but a devil for fifth grade math students.

One of the things scientists wanted was a standard from which they could measure everything else and for them water became one of those standards.  So they decided that they would come up with a unit of measure for thermal or heat energy and that this unit would be defined by the amount of energy it took to raise 1 ml of water 1 degree Celsius.  Thus the calorie was born. A calorie of energy will raise 1 ml of water 1 degree celsius and that is all that a calorie is.

Easy Weight Loss Tip: Drink Cold Water

One 8 oz. glass of water holds approximately 236.588237 ml of water so we will round that off to 237 ml of water.  If we put ice in that water it will bring the temperature of that water close to 0 degrees Celsius.  Our bodies core temperature is around 37 degrees and since we are warm-blooded that means that our bodies use energy to maintain that temperature.

Warming The Water Leads To Our Easy Weight Loss Tip

Once the ice water is down the hatch our bodies are going to warm that water from around zero degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius.  It will warm each ml and for every degree it warms the water it will use 1 calorie.  So doing the math, that means that our bodies will have to burn around 37 calories per ml of water and there are 237 ml of water in on glass.  Hmmmm?  That comes to 8769 calories!  “Jumping Jehoshaphat!”, I can hear you say.  But hold you horses.  Before you run off to the ice machine you need to understand that the calories in food are really kilo-calories.  So our one food calorie is actually 1000 scientific calories so that cuts our 8769 down to 8.769 calories per 8 ounce glass of ice-water water.

It Adds Up

Still, if you drink 8 glasses of ice water a day that adds up to about 70 calories burned a day doing nothing but drinking.  you would have to jog more than half a mile to burn that many calories so don’t knock it.

Easy Weight Loss Tip: The colder the better

There are other things unrelated to eating or exercise that you can do to increase the amount of calories your body burns.  According to the book The 7 Minute Diet by Jon Benson, you can burn up to 1100 food calories using only 7 minutes a day by doing a series of 21 such things.  1100 calories! To get you mind around that just realize that a 150 pound person burns around 93 calories per mile when they are jogging—technically it is 93 calories per mile whether they jog, walk, or crawl, but you get the idea.

So grab some ice and some water and start burning those calories.

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