Flat Stomach In Two Weeks

Flat Stomach In Two Weeks Starting Point

I am going to assume that you have one of those stomaches that just won’tFlat Stomach quite allow you to wear that cute little top you’d like to wear and not that you are 10 pounds or more overweight.  If you are 10 pounds or more over weight,do not despair; you to can have a flat stomach just not in two weeks.

The key for you is determination. Once you have that, you have the battle all but won. So lets take a closer look at just how we get a flat stomach in two weeks.

The Pincer Approach To A Flat Stomach In Two Weeks

What we are going to do is approach your flat stomach goal from two sides.  The calorie in side and the calorie out side.  We want to maximize your bodies calorie deficit without causing your body to go into starvation mode or burn lean muscle tissue.

We will maximize your calorie burn while we minimize your calorie intake and at the same time boost your metabolism.

Avoid Starving Your Body

Before we get into the details of our plan we need to understand some potential pitfalls that can derail our progress.  If you create to great of a calorie deficit, that is you eat so few calories and use so many, your body may think it is starving to death.  When this happens your body slows down its metabolism to compensate and you can end up plateauing and not losing any weight.

The second pitfall is exercising too rigorously.  The body needs energy in order to move and if you put such a demand on it so that it can not convert fat into energy fast enough to meet that demand it will turn to your lean muscle tissue and start converting that for use as energy.  That is way triathlon athletes and marathon runners often look stringy and frail.  Remember lean muscle tissue burns up to four times more calories than other body tissues so you don’t want to lose that.

The Flat Stomach In Two Weeks Plan

The first thing you need to do is sign up for Strip That Fat.  It has a quick start phase that will allow you to shed 10 pounds in about two weeks and we need to get those 10 pounds off your stomach.  Look, I am not just hawking some old cheap weight loss plan.  Strip That Fat is a premium plan and if this whole thing doesn’t work out for you.  You get your money back, every penny of it.



Spend sometime reading the plan and preparing for it.  You are going to want to follow it to the letter. Cara will be your personal support coach on this journey and she is good and has been working with Strip That Fat clients for years.  Oh, don’t worry that Strip That Fat will cost you an arm and a leg. It is only a low, one time fee.

Once you are comfortable with your level of understanding of the plan, pick a start date.

The Exercises For A Flat Stomach In two Weeks.

On your start date you are also going to want to begin your exercise routine. The aim of your exercises will be to prepare your abdominal muscles to be seen.  You are not trying to build them as much as tone them.  Great abs are more about getting the body fat off of them and less about building muscle.

You want high rep, low impact exercises.  The first exercise is called The Plank. It is where you hold your body stiff like a plank for as long as you can. The video below will show you how it is done. You should do this every morning.

You should challenge yourself to go a little longer each day and remember as you do them mentally concentrate on keeping your abs tight.

The Results Will Be A Flat Stomach In Two Weeks

If you have more than 10 pounds to lose all you need to do is follow this plan for a little longer until you uncover the beautiful body that is under your layers of fat.

Everything you need to get a flat stomach in 2 weeks is risk free.  The Strip That Fat people will give you a refund if for any reason you are not going to use their services.

Visit Strip That Fat and discover how easy it can be to get fit.

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