Why Am I Fat?

“Why Am I Fat,” She Sighed…

Here is the answer to “why am I fat?”

Why am I fat,” she sighed.  One of my clients was sitting in the chair across from me, her head in her hands.

She went on to list all of the diets, pills, and potions she’d tried.  It was an oft’ told tale, to be sure.

Everyone tries to get in on the money made by selling desperate people solutions to a desperate problem without answering people question, “why am I fat?”  If you don’t know why you are fat, then you probably will never stop being fat.

So, why am I fat then?

Understanding why you are fat is the beginning of not being fat and the beginning of understanding solutions the are permanent rather than temporary.

So let’s begin unraveling the question, why am I fat?  The way to start is to turn the question, why am I fat into a statement, why I am fat!.

Why I Am Fat!

Of course it all comes down to eating, but the simple answer that you are eating too much isn’t quite the truth.  A weight counselor told me, years ago, that losing weight was more like a chemistry equation than a starvation camp.  That has stuck with me through my long career as a weight-loss yo-yo.

It Is Easy To Lose Weight But…

It is easy to lose weight, but to stop being fat is another story.  Losing weight doesn’t stop you from being fat unless you never gain it back, then you have successfully answered the burning question, why am I fat?

In order to never gain back the fat that you can easily lose by following any number of diet plans, you need to understand the chemistry of fat gain.  In other words you need to know the answer to, “Why Am I Fat?”

The Chemistry Of Why I Am Fat…

The fact is you could over eat lettuce until you started to die of arsenic poisoning and still lose weight.  Why you are fat has more to do with what you eat and how you eat it than it does how much you eat.

Lets take a look at the fat gaining cycle.  Your fat cells don’t just store fat or give up fat based on the amount you eat, but rather on the chemical signals they receive.

“What I am about to tell you is a simplified version of a very complex cycle…”

When you eat food it is converted into 2 types materiel.

  1. Material your body uses to build and repair itself
  2. Fuel to power your body’s systems

Fat is mostly stored fuel your body wants to keep around in case of emergency, but how does your body decide when to store fuel and when to use it?

The answer lies with insulin.  Insulin is a chemical produced in your body in response to sugars called carbohydrates being in the blood stream.  Insulin helps break down these sugars so the body can use them.

Now fuel in the form of sugar (carbohydrates) can’t be stored for very long in the body.  The actual name of the fuel used is glucose and it is temporarily stored in your body for immediate use.

Why Am I Fat If The Body Won’t Store Glucose?

The body will convert extra glucose into body fat and tuck it away in specially designed cells in your body for future use, but it can’t just put glucose into those cells.

Insulin is what makes it possible to turn glucose into fat.  It is a myth that eating fat make you fat. (See video: Does Fat Make You Fat)  The fat that you eat  isn’t body fat and therefore can’t go streight into your specially designed cells for storage.  No, it must be turned into body fuel first and then because of insulin, be turned into body fat.

Why Am I Fat? Because Of Insulin Spikes!

It is the combination of carbohydrates and fats that make you fat.  When you eat a lot of carbohydrates, especially refined ones like white bread and refined sugar, your body floods itself with insulin to deal with the carbohydrates.  This turns on the conversion and storage mechanisms and because there is why too much fuel it gets converted into body fat and stored.

If you just ate fat alone, it would be very hard for the body to convert any extra fuel into body fat.  That is why low-carbohydrate diets will make you lose weight.

You can also just eat carbohydrates and you will not gain weight as fast, but you will still gain it faster than just eating fats.  This is why low-fat diets can work if they are followed strictly.

The fact is, you can answer the question, “why am I fat?” by realizing that you must control the insulin production of your body by following a few simple rules.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Eat only complex carbohydrates and avoid simple carbohydrates and do not mix them with fats.
  3. If you eat fats, do not eat carbohydrates in the same meal.
  4. Exercise everyday with a brisk walk at least.

Even if you use great weight loss diets like The Every Other Day Diet or Strip That Fat.  You need to follow the simple rules above to stop being fat for good.

Another trick is to learn the secrets of Metabolic Cooking.

If you do these things, you will no longer be asking, “why am I fat?”


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